Unite has over 100,000 members within the island of Ireland coming from every type of background and workplace.unite flags It is also a global union that represents over 3 million members across Ireland, the UK, North America and the Caribbean. Unlike the unions of the past, Unite has opened up it’s membership beyond just workers in employment to allow students, retired and unemployed workers to join at a reduced rate while still receiving the benefits of organising collectively as part of one big union. In northern Ireland and the UK, this has been taken a step forward and resulted in the ‘Unite Community membership scheme‘ which seeks to organise communities and union branches together in the fight for a more just society.

Community membership has only just been launched in the Republic of Ireland but soon should be nationwide here as well. Unite Youth seeks to to build links between young workers, students and the unemployed in a similar fashion. Through this, we hope to create a campaigning group of young people that has the capacity to resist the cuts that have shattered our communities and demand our rights both in and outside the workplace.

Benefits of Joining Our Union

Being a member of a union in an organised workplace can be vital in ensuring that young people:

  • Earn more and receive more leave
  • Are less likely to be discriminated against
  • Have better job security and are less likely to be sacked
  • Receive better training and are less likely to be injured
  • Have better access to compensation and legal services

Beyond the workplace, being a member of our union allows you to take part in an organisation that challenges injustice in society and receive access to member services. Some of these include:

  • Legal aid and advice on both work and non-work matters
  • Financial benefits regarding disputes, accidents and other issues*
  • Access to the Unite debt advice helpline and other advice services
  • Numerous insurance package and commercial discounts

*These services are not available to student or unemployed members

How Do I Join Unite?

It is now possible to join up and set up a direct debit all at once online or you can follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the join form
    Complete the simple form with your personal information and current job details if applicable.
  2. Find out the cost of your membership
    This page will allow you to work out your monthly membership fee. Student and unemployed membership is a flat nominal fee of around €2 per month.
  3. Set up a direct debit
    Once you are happy with the monthly fee, you can complete the Direct Debit section of the form or apply for “check-off” to pay your union subs straight from your wages/salary (this is at the discretion of the workplace) and activate your membership.
  4. Return form by Freepost.
    Once your form is received and processed, a membership pack will follow in the post which will include your Unite membership number and card.

If you are still a bit confused you can read up here Understanding Unite: An Introductory A – Z Guide for Young Members By Blaine Kilgallon


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