Miners Strike Unite Cat

The 30th Anniversary of the Miners Strike is coming to an end this year (Okay, it was back in March), we dug up a Where’s Wally style picture of Unite Cat from the archives for your purrrusal. (Hint – she’s never been one not to draw attention to herself.)

Miners strike cat
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Marriage Equality Unite Cat

Today is the day! So you better get your shoes on, get out of the house and use that vote! It’s always rude to ask which way a person is voting so it’s nice when they make it obvious for you, like Unite Cat.

In case you forgot why you are voting yes (because of course you are) take a refresher course here.

Unite Cat, when approached for comment had this to add “Get your vote in good and early, so you can spend the day chasing all the people you know who might not make it to the polling station, without a bit of a push. Text your friends, post that you voted to Facebook and Twitter, sing a voting yes song, loudly, as you wander the streets of your estate or town, do everything and anything you can to make sure Equality wins the day!”.

Vote Yes! unite cat

Pro-choice Unite Cat

As tomorrow is the day of voting on Ruth Coppingers’ Repeal Bill Unite Cat has decided to pay a visit to The Flame. She has got strong feeling on the subject of choice, but unfortunately there may be something lost in translation – Never ones to be vulgar click at your own risk.

If you are looking for some way to help check out the ARC website which has got a campaign lined up with ready made email for you to harangue your TD’s with.

*Update* Solidarity action on the Vote of the bill- 1.15pm Tuesday 12th May at the Kildare Street gate.

pro-choice unite cat2