Unite Cat Getting Ready for the Irish Life Strike

Two strikes have been announced in Irish Life and our mascot Unite Cat has this message of solidarity for the workers. While Unite cat might seem to be relaxing, you can rest assured that they won’t take the unfair treatment of workers lying down.

UY-DAG salutes Freddy (the cat) for his contribution to the struggle and we wish the Unite members in Irish Life the best of luck with their upcoming industrial action. Read more about the Irish Life workers strike here.

See you on the picket lines on the 17th!

Unite Cat FredUnite Cat Fred


Solidarity Unite Cat – Irish Life Dispute

“The outstanding response today to the first in a series of four stoppages clearly demonstrates the unfaltering determination of Irish Life workers to be treated fairly. It is time for the company to listen to its workers and attend the Labour Court in respect of all its staff”

Statement from Unite the Union, Republic of Ireland on the first of four planned work stoppages:http://bit.ly/1Q6XMKU

irish life Unite Cat

Unite Cat Adventure: Level 2 Released!

The seriousness of this article is disputed. The quality of Unite Cat Adventure is not.

In August, Unite Youth Dublin achieved mild notoriety by releasing the first trade-union video game, made for trade-unionists, with music by a trade-union band. TRADE-UNIONS.

The release of Unite Cat Adventure was a seminal moment* for progressive politics which received a tidal wave of critical acclaim* from young workers around the world (*Blatant lies).

Today, history is made anew as we release Unite Cat Adventure: Level 2! Continue reading “Unite Cat Adventure: Level 2 Released!”

Unite Cat Adventure: The Trade Union Video Game

The seriousness of this article is disputed. The quality of Unite Cat Adventure is not.


*UPDATE – level 2 is now available with guest appearance by Mandate Moose*

Unite Youth Dublin has never been one to shy away from innovative new fronts and today is no exception. To bring the glorious spirit of trade unionism to an entirely new audience; UY-DAG’s elite research unit has created the interactive video game: Unite Cat Adventure! Continue reading “Unite Cat Adventure: The Trade Union Video Game”