Work Must Pay 5 Aside is a Great Success

Work Must Pay hosted a 5-a-side fundraiser on Saturday, 1st October. IMPACT, the Connolly Youth Movement, Sinn Féin Republican Youth, Misneach and the Workers’ Party all submitted teams to the event.

The event was held in Irishtown’s Sport and Fitness Centre, and was followed by a social back in John Clarke and Sons in Ringsend. Participants watched a mesmerising All-Ireland Final replay, with Dublin finally securing back-to-back titles for the first time since Heffo’s Army in 1977.

Congratulations to our comrades from Sinn Féin Republican Youth who ran out winners of the 5-a-side tournament!

Lastly, a special thanks must be paid by the Work Must Pay campaign to Shane Lambert of IMPACT, without whom this event would not have been possible.

You can be sure this tournament will be back next year!!!

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Animals of Farthing Wood: The Cartoon School of Communism

Anyone who has ever taken a short tour of YouTube comments will be aware of the “only 80’s/90’s kids will get this” obsession that permeates everything from Hanson videos to kids cartoons. As cynical trade-unionists with a hidden agenda, we decided to cash in on this trend. 

During the early 1990’s there was a spate of environmentally conscientious children’s programs, some which had dubiously simplified but ultimately well-meaning political messages, while others were more light-hearted in tone. It could be argued that David the Gnome was the granddaddy of them all. Released in 1987, it ran on RTE 2 until 2006 such was its popularity. The franchise also had a number of spin off’s and films. David the Gnome was a sweet little show that centred around gnomes, their community (including animal friends) and how they had to clean up all the mess that humans made of the world. Often there would be a little moralising about the humans and their greed or the like but it always ended on a happy note.

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Unite Hotel Workers Branch (London) – Graphic Novel

Unite Hotel

Unite’s Hotel Workers Branch in London continue to set the standard in our union for organising precarious workers. Check out their excellent and quite moving, graphic novel serialisation about workers in the hotel industry. We will update as they become available so keep an eye out here or on the UNITE live website.

*UPDATE* Now complete

Episode 1:

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Blue Scholars: The Vanguard of Left-Wing Hip Hop

This article isn’t completely politically correct but you’ll learn some tunes. We’ve already dispatched the author to a political re-education camp north of the border so save your complaints and plug in your headphones.

Striking back with tunes that would make Eminem crawl into a ball and die if only he had the taste to listen to them; Blue Scholars are the tip of the spear when it comes to progressive hip hop. Sadly Marshall Mathers is probably too busy writing songs about murdering his ex-wife for this to happen but thankfully Seattle hip hop is there to help us forget he exists.

geologic__of_blue_scholars___sabzi_by_tehnoochness-d54if0lHip hop and rap music has a poor reputation when it comes to sexism, violence, the romanisation of drug use and many other things people frown at. If not taken too seriously, this type of music can still be quite enjoyable but its understandable that a lot of people just turn it off and walk away. Continue reading “Blue Scholars: The Vanguard of Left-Wing Hip Hop”