Bus Eireann and Privatisation

Bus Eireann

Yesterday Unite announced that its members in Bus Éireann have voted unanimously in favour of strike action. The news follows the company’s threatened unilateral implementation of a drastic cuts package on February 20th.  Tomorrow the unions involved will be meeting in Unite offices to agree on a course of action in response to the forced implementation of cuts.

Unite Regional Officer Willie Quigley said:

T[he] ballot result reflects the anger felt by Unite members and other Bus Éireann workers at the company’s behaviour during the past number of months, and in particular the past fortnight. Their refusal to engage in an arranged hearing at the Labour Court in December has been compounded by a deliberate strategy of selective media leaks and threats designed to intimidate the workforce and confuse the public.

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Bands Dublin Shouldn’t Forget: Pony Club

Mark Cullen - Pony club

Mark Cullen, Darren Cullen, Jason Cullen Dave Morrissey, Rob Cumiskey

Pony Club are the music vehicle for the solo work of Mark Cullen. Hailing from Finglas, Mark was well known for his involvement in the critically acclaimed band Bawl in the 90s (later called Fixed Stars), formed with his brothers Darren and Jason. Pony Club was established in 2001 soon after Bawl/Fixed Stars parted ways, and here he was responsible for producing some of Dublin’s most sharply written pop songs. Cullen’s output with Pony Club remains unique among the Dublin indie/rock/pop bands of the 2000s in that most songs were focused on working-class culture, relationships and situations without being preachy and somehow still managing to be catchy. Essentially most Pony Club songs are full of sharp social commentary and represent the closest an Irish band ever came to matching Pulp. The instrumentation is either love it or hate it, with heavy use of keyboards and synth plus supporting rock instruments; the first album was mainly recorded in Cullen’s childhood bedroom. A better read of the man can be found here.

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The Cuban Embargo

Yesterday Unite the Union held an event, in the Dublin office on Abbey street, in solidarity with the people of Cuba. Unite Youth Dublin was in attendance as well.

Emphasis was placed upon the nearly 60 years economic blockade imposed on them by the so called leaders of the free world ninety miles away. Despite this embargo the Cuban people remain steadfast in the ideals of the revolution! The below short film was shown and over the next few days will be shared around on social media sites to remind people of the realities of the blockade.
Viva Cuba!
Socialism or Death!

Unite Youth Political Economy Course

Some of the Youth Committee spent the weekend (7th and 8th of October) at a fantastic political school run by Trademark Belfast.

The Political Economy Course aimed at Unite Activists offers an investigation of the emergence of capitalism highlighting the link between economic theory and political ideology. It analyses the historical development of trade unions, laissez faire economics, the emergence of the welfare state, Keynesianism and social democracy. It addresses the influence of Friedman, the neo-liberal turn, the dominance of finance capital and the roots of the current crisis. At all stages the course will focus on the response of organised labour and demonstrate its role in defending the gains won and progressive advances.

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