Mark Cullen - Pony club

Mark Cullen, Darren Cullen, Jason Cullen Dave Morrissey, Rob Cumiskey

Pony Club are the music vehicle for the solo work of Mark Cullen. Hailing from Finglas, Mark was well known for his involvement in the critically acclaimed band Bawl in the 90s (later called Fixed Stars), formed with his brothers Darren and Jason. Pony Club was established in 2001 soon after Bawl/Fixed Stars parted ways, and here he was responsible for producing some of Dublin’s most sharply written pop songs. Cullen’s output with Pony Club remains unique among the Dublin indie/rock/pop bands of the 2000s in that most songs were focused on working-class culture, relationships and situations without being preachy and somehow still managing to be catchy. Essentially most Pony Club songs are full of sharp social commentary and represent the closest an Irish band ever came to matching Pulp. The instrumentation is either love it or hate it, with heavy use of keyboards and synth plus supporting rock instruments; the first album was mainly recorded in Cullen’s childhood bedroom. A better read of the man can be found here.

Pony club post romantic

While three albums were released by the band (the last in 2008), these can be quite hard to track down and a selection of songs can be downloaded here for free if you’re struggling to find a source. This article is not a biographical piece or a ‘best of’, rather it exists just to highlight the existence of a band that very few people noticed at the time and even less remember now. Lets run through a few tunes.

Pony club

I Still Feel the Same

MPVs, relationships and BBQs.


A pop masterpiece. No one writes them like this.

Dorset Street

A fitting tribute to one of Dublin’s more maligned streets. Notable for its mention of the now defunct 40C bus.


If someone from the northside was going to write a pop song that sounded almost Motown in the early 2000s then this would be it.

The Thing About Men

Moody Finglas synth with issues and samples.

What Are You Angry For?


In Your Dreams

In your dreams,

Money never made us argue


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