Some of the Youth Committee spent the weekend (7th and 8th of October) at a fantastic political school run by Trademark Belfast.

The Political Economy Course aimed at Unite Activists offers an investigation of the emergence of capitalism highlighting the link between economic theory and political ideology. It analyses the historical development of trade unions, laissez faire economics, the emergence of the welfare state, Keynesianism and social democracy. It addresses the influence of Friedman, the neo-liberal turn, the dominance of finance capital and the roots of the current crisis. At all stages the course will focus on the response of organised labour and demonstrate its role in defending the gains won and progressive advances.

– From Course Outline

We spent the weekend learning the fundamentals of the capitalist economy which has almost been constantly in crisis since its inception as well as the history of those trade unionists who fought for concessions that we take for granted today – such as the weekend, health and safety and the 8 hour work day

We hope to see more of these political education schools continue into the future. Thanks to Trademark for providing a group of expert tutors.

It is of great help to activists to appreciate both the theoretical and practical aspects of struggle as they attempt to make gains for our class, particularly amongst the youth. One cannot exist without the other!



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