Unite Youth Dublin stand in solidarity with imprisoned Dubliner, Ibrahim Halawa, and continue to demand his release. This short post outlines our latest effort during the general election campaign. Our position is outlined here, our efforts to mobilise political support are outlined here, our interventions to raise solidarity in the trade-union movement are summarised here. Some reflections on the campaign can be found here.

Ibrahim Halawa and the General Election

#GE2016 #FreeIbrahim

As we speak, the general election campaign is at full-tilt with canvassers and politicians combing the country seeking votes. This presents the perfect opportunity to raise the profile of Ibrahim Halawa and demand his release. We encourage you to raise the issue of Ibrahim with any candidates you encounter whether its at the doorstep, in the street or in the local shopping centre. Make it clear that your vote will be conditional on their support for the unconditional release of Ibrahim Halawa from jail in Egypt. We need to make it as clear as possible that it was completely unacceptable that our last Government abandoned him to a life of imprisonment, torture and the threat of the death penalty all because he attended a demonstration. It is a disgrace that they did not once publicly call for his release.

Ibrahim is an Irish citizen, a prisoner of conscience and a Dubliner. We need to bring him home.

How You Can Help #FreeIbrahim

We stand with Ibrahim. Lets bring him home.



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