We may be young members from Dublin but we’re very much aware that we’re only a small part of the 100,000 members that make up our union on the island of Ireland. This post outlines the role of local Unite offices and the need for us to use them.

A Reality Check


Our website may go to unnecessary lengths to prove its Dublin affiliation by referencing obscure local bands and leftist history in the capital; but we remain a strange mixture of people who work in the area but would cringe if you accused us all of being Dubs. Some of us grew up passing aimless hours in Eyre Square or staring blankly at canals in Maynooth (its what you do in Kildare).

We’re Dublin workers, but we’re people from all over Ireland. For this reason, we recognise the importance of our union maintaining a physical presence all over the country. We have 100,000 Irish Unite members and these all need a local space to meet officials, organise meetings, print leaflets and forward our movement.


Unite’s Regional Presence

Unite currently has offices in: Belfast, Ballymena, Derry, Portadown, Dundalk, Dublin, Drogheda, Limerick and Waterford. Each of these provides a space for getting advice and organising, as well as hosting the local Area Activist Committees (AAC) which meet in each region. Unite members should use these local offices to their advantage and it is integral that young members get elected to the AAC committees to ensure that they are active campaigning groups on local struggles and national issues.

unite around the countryFurthermore, the Unite Youth Committee organises on an all-island basis but currently only holds meetings in the Dublin and Belfast offices due to lack of representation from other areas. We would be more than willing to introduce Limerick or Waterford as meeting locations if more young members joined the committee. Get in touch if you’re interested and we’ll help you get involved; we’d love to see a Unite Youth Limerick too!

Essentially, we would encourage every young member to get in touch with their nearest Unite office to join their local area activist committee and help build the member-led initiatives of our union. If for any reason you have problems getting active in Unite, regardless of where you are in Ireland, then contact us at: uniteyouthdublin@gmail.com and we’ll sort you out.

We exist to help you organise, so get in touch.

Unite Offices in Northern Ireland

Unite the union, The Pentagon, 2 Ballymoney Road
T: 02825 656216

Unite the union, 56/58 Carlisle Road
T: 02871 220214

Unite the union, 29a William Street
T: 02838 358987/332124

Unite Offices in the Republic of Ireland

Unite the union, 55-56 Middle Abbey Street
T: 01 873 4577

Francis Street, Dundalk, Co Louth
T: 042 933 4338

Unite the union, Unit 5.3, The Workplace, 2nd Floor, Mayorality Street
T: 041 983 8953

Unite the union, 11 Pery Square
T: 061 310 244

Unite the union, Keyzer Street
T: 051 875 438


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