The seriousness of this article is disputed. The quality of Unite Cat Adventure is not.

In August, Unite Youth Dublin achieved mild notoriety by releasing the first trade-union video game, made for trade-unionists, with music by a trade-union band. TRADE-UNIONS.

The release of Unite Cat Adventure was a seminal moment* for progressive politics which received a tidal wave of critical acclaim* from young workers around the world (*Blatant lies).

Today, history is made anew as we release Unite Cat Adventure: Level 2!

The first level brought us back to the eve of the Iraq War but temporal continuity is not an issue for Unite Cat and Level 2 takes a more contemporary spin. Set during a moment of crisis prior to the 2015 Dunnes Strike, our hero must navigate through an underground (?) complex to assist her favourite comrade; Mandate Moose, who has been arrested for defying the Industrial Relations Act (1990). The forces of reaction have employed the deadliest enemy of all workers, Scab Cat, to keep our comrade prisoner and its up to Unite Cat to engineer his escape.


Permanently disfigured by class betrayal, Scab Cats are distinctly marked by black stripes (?) and what appears to be blue tinsel tails. The UY-DAG Design Department assures us that this unique artistic move was not related to their limited drawing skills but the representation of Mandate Moose would beg to differ.

Avoid the Scab Cats, rescue Mandate Moose and man the picket lines!



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