Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Protest in London

Unite Youth Dublin posted a statement earlier today regarding Unite’s backing of the renewal of the Trident missile programme at the British Labour Party conference. Needless to say, it was not supportive of this position.

Yet, we have since redacted this statement. Why did we do this?

We had presumed that this decision was made by the Unite executive and not by lay members but this turns out to be untrue. Unite previously held a policy position against the renewal of Trident but it appears that this was overturned in 2012 by motion 40, which is ambiguously worded but does commit the union to protecting member’s jobs over the survival of humanity.

For this reason, we redacted our statement. Does this mean Unite Youth Dublin have become fans of nuclear armaments? Most definitely not.

Watch this space. UY-DAG isn’t known to remain silent on something important and the Unite Youth Conference is next week. Expect a motion from us. Expect it to pass.

For peace, jobs, human rights and socialism.  


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