Global Solidarity

The 7th Annual ICTU Global Solidarity Summer School took place in UCC Cork last weekend, the 28th and 29th August 2015. A Unite Youth Dublin Member was lucky enough to attend.

ICTU Summer School main

Find a rundown of the day, along with links to the speeches and powerpoints below. You can also see #GSSS2015 hashtag to see what else was going on over the weekend.

Opening remarks by Congress President, Brian Campfield

Brian Camfield ICTU

Keynote address by Alison Tate, ITUC

Alison Tate

Shane Darcy, NUIG Centre for Human Rights, on business and human rights

Congress submission on business and human rights

Micheal Collins of NERI on taxation.

Rachel Mullen from Claiming our Future on the FTT campaign

More about The True Cost film here or read the Unite Youth Dublin review here.

The True Cost

Social Media as a campaigning tool:

craig Dwyer

  • Zoe Lawlor – IPSC

zoe Lawlor

Framework Agreements – Alke Boesigger, UNI

Alke Boesigger


Barry Finnegan

  • Esther Lynch – See trade union perspective on TTIP here and here

Ester Lynch


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