The seriousness of this article is disputed. The quality of Unite Cat Adventure is not.


*UPDATE – level 2 is now available with guest appearance by Mandate Moose*

Unite Youth Dublin has never been one to shy away from innovative new fronts and today is no exception. To bring the glorious spirit of trade unionism to an entirely new audience; UY-DAG’s elite research unit has created the interactive video game: Unite Cat Adventure!

As the only known trade union game in existence, its notoriety is assured for this alone but it also features music from Notorious Goose, a hit trade union band. How many times can we say trade union? TRADE UNION.

The plot is complex and interwoven. As avid readers of The Flame will be aware; Unite Cat is a time travelling trade union mascot who is no stranger to struggle. The first level takes us back to February 15th in 2003 shortly before the invasion of Iraq. In a level fascinating if only for the fact that Unite Cat now exists in a realm prior to the formation of Unite the union; Unite Cat finds herself bereft of flags on the very day of the mass demonstration! Cue high adventure for our hero as she traverses a series of challenging earthworks (?) to collect the ten flags her local industrial branch requires to avoid embarrassment.

Unite Cat had no comments to make as she is currently trapped inside this flash game.



Jump is spacebar

Left is Left

Right is right

Unite Cat Adventure


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