Back in February of this year, we said 16,471 organisations had used JobBridge since 2011. We have the names of 11,394 of these, supplied to us through a freedom of information request to the Department of Social Protection. This list of names is available here.

One name has been removed so that an ongoing investigation by ourselves is not disrupted but otherwise every name as been included as provided to us under the FOI.

Please feel free to use this resource in your campaigning work or research into JobBridge.

Work Must Pay


17 thoughts on “The Names of 11,393 Organisations Who Have Used JobBridge Interns Since 2011

  1. Some of these companies have ‘see note in other info’ beside their names. Any chance of including this other info?

  2. I was on a Scambridge in 2011 and the company is not included here? How many others are missing I wonder?

  3. You include this information, in a sense accusing the companies involved. However, my company is on the list.

    We used Jobsbridge once in 2012, we hired the guy full time shortly afterwards and he is still with us now.

  4. My son who was tired of being unemployed approached HAAS Group International and convinced them to join the job bridge scheme so that he could gain some experience . They signed up and took him on for the 9 month scheme, during the course of those months they taught him every aspect of the business and treated him more than fairly . At the end of the 9 months they offered him a full time permanent position . He still works for them and he is really glad he did it .While Job bridge is being used unfairly by most companies , its not all bad and not all companies use the scheme simply for their own benefit .

  5. Hi there,

    I run The Big Bang, we’ve been informed we’re listed on this. If we are I don’t know why as we don’t use Job Bridge and wouldn’t have the room for another person in the store. No one that works here is on social welfare or any employment scheme. In our 4 years of operating we’ve never employed anyone through job bridge.

    If our name is on a list it’s on there incorrectly.

    If you’d like evidence of this please feel free to email me,


    John Hendrick.

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