The Work Must Pay campaign, on the 13th of March, carried out a protest at the Department of Jobs against the ongoing use of JobBridge and the exploitation of young workers.

The protest was attended by members of the Connolly Youth Movement, Sinn Féin Republican Youth, Unite Youth – Dublin, CWU Youth, We’re Not Leaving and many other young people who wished to express their anger at the continued government policy of using young unemployed people as a source of free labour.

depart job (policy)

Speaking at the protest, Eoghan O’Neill of Connolly Youth Movement said:

“Work Must Pay is about working people, whether they are employed, unemployed or currently studying, standing together in solidarity with those who are being exploited.

“We fundamentally want to see an end to Jobbridge and every other free labour scheme.

“Our shared campaign has often come under criticism from small and medium sized…

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