For an in-depth run down on the history of this most glorious of days; head over to the International Women’s Day website “about” page. It also includes a short video from Russia Today which sums up how IWD is celebrated and the history of it in Russia.

Since the 1900’s, today has been the day we celebrate the achievements of women worldwide and the continuing struggle for equality. The fight for legal, free and safe abortion for all women living in Ireland is the focal point of many for this week’s events in Dublin. You can find some listed for Dublin at the bottom of this post and on the National Women’s Council of Ireland events page.

IWD march 2015

We must also make time to remember the thousands of women in Ireland and across the world who are living in poverty, without access to decent education, healthcare and work.  We must acknowledge that the struggle of migrant women, asylum seeking women and women with disabilities in Ireland is particularly difficult. These are struggles that we should all highlight, share and aid in, without overwriting the phenomenal work these women are doing. We should also take today to remember trans-women in Ireland who are still fighting for legal recognition and protections that most of us take for granted.

Today is a day for thinking about how all women’s struggles intersect, how we can help and learn from each other and bring a more cohesive and inclusive element to our joint fight for equality.

IWD Cover
Unite Regional Women’s Committee IWD Leaflet. Click to see full view.

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