As regular readers of The Flame will be well aware; there is no question that Unite Youth Dublin stands in solidarity with Ibrahim Halawa as he waits in an Egyptian jail facing a possible death sentence for simply attending a protest.

We are exploring every option available to us with which to raise the profile of his situation and speed along his eventual release. Rest assured that our efforts will escalate the longer this continues; we intend to take care of one of our own.


Mobilising Trade-Union Support for Ibrahim

In recent weeks, Unite Youth Dublin have contacted over 20 unions with members on the island of Ireland and requested them to write to the Egyptian embassy in Dublin to demand Ibrahim’s release. An example of this sent to Mandate trade union can be found here, in particular we would like to highlight the following sentence:

The Irish trade-union movement has a proud history of standing against injustice and defending the rights of Irish citizens at both home and abroad. We hope that this will continue to be the case as regards Ibrahim Halawa.

While the reaction from some quarters was quite muted, and we will be following up on this in the near future; comrades and colleagues from the following unions have agreed to write to the embassy in this regard and for this we are very grateful:

  • SIPTU, which is the largest trade-union in Ireland and represents over 200,000 workers in the public and private sector
  • Mandate trade union, which represents over 40,000 retail, administrative and bar workers in Ireland
  • Unite trade union, which represents over 100,000 workers from all quarters on the island of Ireland
  • Irish Congress of Trade Unions – Youth Committee: Representatives of young members from over 600,000 workers from affiliated trade-unions

It also appears likely that the TEEU will also send a letter in this regard but this is yet to be confirmed.


Other Updates on the #FreeIbrahim Campaign

-Our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flanagan, recently met with Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister Badr and ‘raised the matter of Ibrahim Halawa’s detention’ and Minister Badr undertook to convey ‘Minister Flanagan’s concerns directly to his Government colleagues’. While we are pleased that Ibrahim’s case has been raised at a relatively high diplomatic level, the language concerned hardly reflects the urgency of Ibrahim’s situation. A direct call for Ibrahim’s release is required from the Irish Government, as this was recently critical in the release of Australian AJ journalist Peter Greste.

-The Egyptian government has recently faced criticism for its human rights abuses as it hosts the upcoming Economics Summit later in March.

-We would encourage you all to like and follow the Free Ibrahim Halawa facebook page to get updates on the campaign from Ibrahim’s family.


Release Ibrahim Halawa


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