UY-DAG is one year old today. While we remain small in number; we are proud of the struggles we’ve taken part in and the actions we’ve taken to forward progressive politics both inside and outside our union.

unite birthday cat

Our major commitments have involved the Trade Union Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment and the Work Must Pay campaign as well as taking part in actions to support the Paris Bakery workers, the Greyhound Workers and the Rhatigan workers. We’ve also shown a steadfast commitment to raising the profile of issues lying under the radar, particularly; cuts to single parent incomes, the case of Ibrahim Halawa, the erosion of workers rights through JobBridge, women’s rights, TTIP as well as writing a variety of cultural articles and activist guides.

We hope that our efforts have demonstrated the need for active and independent young members groups inside trade-unions. Our role as politicised union members is not one of passive support, but one of critical intervention. We’re proud to be members of Unite, but we also want to make sure this is a union where the rights of women, workers and migrants are consistently defended on the road to a better society.



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