As those who follow our updates on The Flame and on social media will be aware, Unite Youth Dublin have thrown themselves into campaigning for the release for Ibrahim Halawa after his latest court date was postponed yet again without reason. Our reasons for this have been clearly outlined here and we will be using whatever means available to us to rally support for his release within the trade-union movement and across Dublin. #FreeIbrahim!


Building Support For Ibrahim

So far we have taken the following steps:

  • Written to the Egyptian embassy ourselves to demand his immediate and unconditional release
  • Contacted 167 TDs, 59 senators and 11 MEPs to raise awareness of Ibrahim’s situation and encourage them to contact the Egyptian embassy and the Department for Foreign Affairs
  • Contacted every Dublin councillor (182) in a similar fashion
  • Our representative has raised, and secured support for, the youth committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions sending a similar letter

We will continue to raise pressure in this regard and will be contacting several senior members of the Irish trade-union movement in the coming days in the hope that they will write letters to the Egyptian embassy and make it clear that Ibrahim is not alone in his struggle.

Many Thanks to the Following

We would like to publicly thank the following representatives for replying to our correspondence about Ibrahim and either taking action to contact the embassy or assuring us that they have already done so and would continue to keep up the pressure for his release. Many also mentioned that they would use other avenues available to them, such as relevant committees or platforms, in order to help Ibrahim.

Many thanks to:

  • Councillors: Sarah Holland (SF), Paul Hand (Ind), Roderic O’Gorman (GP), Gary Gannon (Ind), Ciarán Cuffe (GP), Louise Dunne (SF), Michael O’Brien (SP/AAA), Francis Timmons (Ind), Dermot Richardson (Ind)
  • Senators: Jim Walsh (FF), David Norris (Ind)
  • MEPs: Lynn Boylan (SF), Brian Hayes (FG), Marian Harkin (Ind)
  • TDs: Finian McGrath (Ind), Paul Murphy (SP/AAA), Joe Higgins (SP/AAA), Sean Crowe (SF)

Release Ibrahim Halawa

Below is the text of the letter we sent to the elected representatives:


We are writing to you regarding Ibrahim Halawa, a 19 year old from Dublin, who is awaiting trial in Egypt for his involvement in the demonstrations of the 16th and 17th August 2013 in central Cairo.

We wish to register our protest regarding the indefinite detention of this Irish minor for over a year and a half on account of simply exercising his right to political assembly. Furthermore, we demand that every effort is made to secure his release as soon as possible so that he can return to his family in Ireland and recover from this unnecessary ordeal at the hands of the Egyptian authorities.

As members of the youth committee of Unite the Union, a body representing more than 100,000 workers and their families on the island of Ireland; we intend to use every possible avenue to raise awareness of Ibrahim Halawa’s plight amongst Irish society and rally support in his defence.

In this regard, we hope that you will use your position as an elected representative to write to the Egyptian ambassador in Ireland and demand that Ibrahim Halawa is immediately released. As well as this, please consider contacting the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan, and encouraging him to ensure that the Irish government makes every possible effort to secure Ibrahim’s safe return.

We hope that you will make every effort to ensure the immediate release of Ibrahim Halawa. If you have already taken an action in this regard, please let us know and we will support your efforts through any means available to us.

Yours Sincerely,


Unite Youth – Dublin Activist Group


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