TU Campaign to Repeal the 8th banner

Support for the TU Campaign to Repeal the 8th is growing within the trade union movement!  Unite, Mandate, the Bray Trades Council, the Dublin Council of Trade Unions and branches of a number of other unions are demanding that the 8th amendment be repealed.

mandate repeal

This coincides perfectly with Clare Daly’s private members bill calling for repeal being discussed in the Dail, on Wednesday, 17th of December. The Coalition to Repeal (which the TU Campaign is a part of) will be rallying outside in a show of solidarity with the bill. Find the event page here, please share and attend!

A Unite Youth -Dublin Activist Group member will be one of the speakers representing the TU campaign the at the rally outside the Dail, along with Mandy LaCombre of Mandate. Taryn Trainor of Unite will represent the TU Campaign at Tuesday’s Coalition press conference.

The group will be handing out leaflets for those seeking information on the campaign as well so keep an eye out for the above banner. See the TU Campaign press release here. Quotes from Taryn Trainor can be found in the Unite The Union Ireland statement. Further quotes from Taryn and John Douglas will be included in the main campaign’s statement.

Repeal Poster


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