Today is the International Day of The Girl Child. Unite Cat has a long and storied history of standing up for women’s and girls rights. She picked this from the archive as a particular favourite shot, for the day that’s in it, though sadly her trademark tail is absent.

“They wanted both cats and women to stay in the kitchen, destined to a life of servitude. I catch mice for no one but myself! So the woman’s rights movement was the natural move for me.”

Unite cat votes for women

Girls need women to look up to, role models they see challenging gender inequality and fighting for their rights. Women whose work, the next generation of women can build on and expand. Woman like Jayaben Desai the leader of the Grunwick dispute in North London and Jatinder Kaur, who was involved in the Hillingdon Hospital Cleaners Dispute and Gate Gourmet industrial disputes.  is a free online interactive resources for schools and community organisations about migrant women workers in the UK and the world. It also has a downloadable comic which depicts the life stories of these fascinating women. 

Through original artwork, photographs, personal testimonies of the strikers, posters and other contemporary sources, these resources highlight the important contribution of migrant and women workers to the UK and will be a useful resource for the Black History Month.

It can’t be stressed what an amazing resource the Striking Women website is and Unite Youth Dublin recommends everyone checks it out.

Striking Women comic

Dr Sundari Anitha from the University of Lincoln and Professor Ruth Pearson from the University of Leeds are the two inspired women who developed the site and resources contained within.


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