***Update*** Freshwater Unite Cat thinks you should all attend the Right2WaterIreland demonstration tomorrow (March 21st). When interviewed earlier, she made the following statement;

“Being a time travelling trade-union cat mascot is tough work but I’ll find the time to attend between pressing publicity engagements. I heard Brendan Ogle said scuba gear is optional but I prefer to dress to impress. Axe the double tax!”

scuba cat 3

 Unite Cat had this to say about the upcoming Right2Water demo on 11th October:

“Being a time travelling trade unionist cat is tough and dirty work. I like nothing more than coming home to a long bath and getting all that time dust out from between my toes, and now they want to charge me for the pleasure?! Water is a necessity for life and a human right. I’m so outraged by this regressive double tax that I’m staying in the present for the time being and building for the demo on the 11th.”

Find out more about Right2Water here or facebook or twitter. Check out the fact countdown gallery below as well.

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