On the 27th of September the 3rd Annual March for Choice will be held, marking International Decriminalisation of Abortion Day.

The March will begin at 2pm from the Garden of Remembrance, and everyone is encouraged to bring a wheelie case, as a sign of solidarity and to highlight that Irish women do have abortions but that they must travel to avail of them.

March for Choice 27 sept

Tracey Osment, chair of Unite’s political committee, will be speaking on the day and Unite members will be able to collect banners and flags from the office on Abbey Street at 1.30pm before the march. Its imperative that Unite has a strong mobilisation of members as it is the only openly pro-choice trade union in Ireland and must stand as an example to others in demonstrating that the right to choose is a trade union issue.

unite choice

We hope to be part of a larger trade union bloc formed through the newly formed Trade Union Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment. This group was established at the Conference to Repeal the 8th in the Gresham on the 6th of September, and it aims to organise all trade unionists who agree that Article 40.3.3 of the constitution – the 8th Amendment – must go.

They wish to establish links with the wider Repeal the 8th Campaign and highlight how the 8th amendment particularly impacts on working class women and the prominent role trade unions should be playing in its removal. For more info and details of how you can help out with building the TU side of ‪#‎repealthe8th‬ campaigning – please feel free to ‘Like’ their page and get in touch via email: tradeunions2014@gmail.com

The Campaign will also be distributing a leaflet at the march, with details of the group, a possible draft motion for union branches to propose and upcoming meetings.

An open meeting of the TU Campaign to Repeal the 8th will be held on the 6th of October, at 6pm at The Teachers Club, where Helen Mahony of TUI will be speaking. All are welcome, we hope to see you there.


March for Choice 2

About our group:

Unite Youth Dublin are a group of young trade unionists who are involved in political activism and want to build a fighting union which can campaign on progressive issues. We are actively recruiting Unite members so if you’re interested in getting involved then give us a shout by contacting: unite.youth.dublin@gmail.com. If you’re not a Unite member and wish to join then please read this page to learn more. We are an informal and independent group that makes decisions collectively, join us to get your voice heard and to begin the process of striking back.


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