The pre-budget submission from Unite the Union, Republic of Ireland entitled ‘A Working Recovery’ includes some excellent points regarding investment in social housing, employment and welfare.

We were particularly pleased to see the inclusion of a call to remove the inhumane and appalling ‘direct provision’ system. It is well beyond time that all unions took public positions against the state’s oppression of asylum seekers.

working recovery
Click here for ” A Working Recovery”

A Working Recovery, includes a package of measures to increase low incomes and proposals for investment in social housing and childcare. Unite is also proposing a phased-in increase in Employers’ PRSI to fund a new Pay-Related Unemployment Benefit.

Key proposals include:

  • Targeted tax reductions for low and average income earners including non-implementation of the proposed water charges, the introduction of refundable tax credits and measures to ameliorate the impact of PRSI on the low-paid.
  • Phased increase in Employer’s PRSI to fund a new Pay-Related Unemployment Benefit
  • A substantial increase in public investment to drive employment, growth and increased productivity – including an emergency social housing building programme
  • Rolling out affordable childcare with fees reduced by nearly two-thirds over current market rates and the abolition of Direct Provision restrictions on asylum seekers
  • Income boost for all low-income earners with an increase in the National Minimum Wage and a targeted increase in pay for low-paid public sector workers
  • Increase of €800 million in tax revenue from capital, inheritances, financial property, and high-income groups.

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