The Flame Unite Youth

The Flame is the blog of Unite Youth Dublin. It is intended to:

  • Promote our campaign activities
  • Report on labour movement and activist news in Dublin
  • Discuss issues facing young workers, students and the unemployed
  • Provide an outlet for alternative culture and advertise upcoming events
  • Occasionally entertain

Much like our group, we’re only just getting started, but keep an eye out for updates as we start cranking out political articles, demo reports, activist DIY posts and links to cultural stuff in the near future. We are very open to posting articles by guest authors on a wide range of progressive topics and advertising upcoming events so feel free to contact if you have any ideas or suggestions!

For now, perhaps have a look around, check out our mascot Unite Cat and keep up to speed with us on our facebook page. There is also a rambling play-list of obscure Attila The Stockbroker songs in the culture section for the more brave of heart, we never claimed to have taste.

Yours in solidarity,

Unite Youth – Dublin Activist Group (UY-DAG)


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