Attila The Stockbroker

Attila The Stockbroker is a leftist punk-rock poet and song-writer. His diverse back-catalogue covers topics from leftist rebels throughout history to contemporary struggles against neo-liberalism, he also fits in some romantic numbers as well. Many other sites can provide an extensive biography of his life, lets focus on the songs:

March of the Levellers/The Diggers’ Song

Attila reworks historic tunes from the revolutionary groups of the English Civil War. The Levellers were a political movement who made radical demands regarding equality, religious tolerance and the right to vote in a period when England was only just breaking free from repressive monarchist society. The Diggers’ Song is another classic of its time, a quieter but equally powerful version of the song can be found here by Chumbawamba.

As a side note, anyone interested in this period of leftist history should definitely check out the excellent Channel 4 drama The Devil’s Whore which is available free to watch on 4OD

Just One Life and Holidays in Albania

Less history, more punk.

Guy Fawkes’ Table

A hard hitting attack on the New Labour government for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the betrayal of socialist values.

Aneurin Bevan, your party is dead
And the time for a new one is nigh
Will the last person Left, please turn out the lights?
New Labour, just fuck off and die.

Attila doesn’t pull many punches.

Spirit of the Age

Time for some punk poetry. Its cringe-worthy at times (especially at the start) but it has some great lines if you persevere:

Show me a fascist, I’ll show him the floor

Market Sektor One

Attila laments the triumph of free-market capitalism across Europe. While the politics are dubious at times, his colourful lyrics don’t fail to capture the mood:

Is that all that we were fighting for?
Bananas and sex shops, nothing more?
Welcome to the Western dream
Just another cheap labour scheme

This is Free Europe

Attila’s anti-nazi anthem. No Pasarán!

From Cable Street to Hoyerswerda
Griffin, Schonhuber and Le Pen –
This is Free Europe! Never again!


A piece of music notable for being one of the few love songs that manages to mention the capital of Albania, Wales and Aberystwyth.

Finally, one of Attila’s more random moments, a BBC report of his 1989 trip to Albania to watch football:


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